Water Works

a project by Scott Kildall

"Water Works" is a 3D data visualization and mapping of the water infrastructure of San Francisco. The project is a relational investigation: I have been playing the role of a "Water Detective, Data Miner" and sifting through the web for water data. My results of from this 3-month investigation are three large-scale 3D-printed sculptures, each paired with an interactive web map.

This project is a Creative Code Fellowship sponsored by Gray Area, Stamen Design and Autodesk, Pier 9.

Built by Scott Kildall, full documentation and GitHub links on his blog.

  • 3D Terrain

    3D Prints

    3D-printed Data Visualizations of the San Francisco water infrastructure

  • Cistern map

    Mapping Cisterns

    Did you know that San Francisco has 170 underground cisterns?

  • Emergency Drinking map

    Imaginary Drinking Hydrants

    What happens if we had designated drinking hydrants for emergencies?

  • Life of Poo map

    Life of Poo

    An interactive sewer map.